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It just gets worse. That situation could be anywhere in life — personal, romantic, business, domestic — but the chances are it has a financial dimension to it. It is important to deal with what is in front of you now, not what might happen in the future.

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But history is also your friend. What happened in the past is a template for the future. Much as you may prefer to evade difficult questions and remain equivocal, you may have little choice other than to go in deep this month. People want real answers; they want to know where they are with you. And vice versa. Likewise, accepting a situation without fully looking into it would be to your detriment. The full moon of the 13th brings push to shove; only you can decide whether to cut your losses or make serious accommodations.

There is a misconception that astrologers can see the future as if we were watching scenes playing out on a cinema screen. We open our ephemerides planetary timetable and take endless notes on when the alignments are at their strongest and what they might mean for this person, that country or this event. Often it can seem as if fate has the upper hand, but although we cannot prevent every event that happens to us we can choose what we do in the wake of it.

We have free will. So, The last year of the Teenies and the bridge to the Twenties — a decade that will change the world map, whether in terms of the land itself or in geo-political terms. And with a degree of harmony between Saturn, Uranus, Pluto and Neptune in , this has the potential to be a great year. A year in which solutions can be found, or at least worked toward, in some of the most pressing global problems, including those inspired by climate change.

Uranus entered Taurus in mid-May , but then moved back into Aries and will remain there until March of Uranus is the revolutionary of the planets, the innovator and the iconoclast, so its transit of this Venus-ruled earth sign for the next seven years is going to produce some exciting developments in architecture, technology, engineering, food, the beauty business, farming and agriculture.

But we can also expect financial collapses and the destruction of places and buildings of historical significance. Already in we witnessed the loss of two iconic museums in Glasgow and Brazil due to fires; and unprecedented hurricanes and typhoons devastated parts of the world from Indonesia to Hawaii. We spend more money, enjoy taking holidays and getting out of our comfort zones. Then again, the last time Jupiter transited Sagittarius was in , and we can all remember what happened when the sub-prime mortgage market collapsed: it was the precipitator to the global recession.

And is looking distinctly troublesome. The number Three is an harmonious number: it promotes optimism and stimulates communications. We stretch our boundaries in a Three year and reach out to people in different countries and embrace different cultures. The year of the Earth Pig is similarly positive. Good luck and good times are to be expected.

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Then again, like a Jupiter transit, you can have too much of a good thing, and excess can lead to loss of control and ultimately collapse. Trade is going to be an important issue for Technically, Jupiter should preside over some monster trade deals, however, this same influence can inspire trade wars, and we can already see this potential developing between the US and China. And regardless how Great Britain and Europe end their relationship, trade will suffer in the wake of it.

Since August a series of eclipses has occurred in Leo or Aquarius, which is why, if you belong to these two signs you have had such an up and down time of it. This eclipse series has a distinctly royal aura to it, especially regarding the British Crown, being in play during the toppling of the English monarchy in But with one eclipse yet to come 21 January there could be much, much more to the royal story before the end of In a nutshell, is a year to make the most of everything we have and everything that comes to us. It is also a year that we should liken to autumn: a beautiful season but one that precedes winter; and in keeping with nature, we should store our resources in preparation for a lean and mean period.

Ruthless ambition is to Pisces what chalk is to cheese. Get your weekend horoscope and star the party a day early by reading your weekly Pisces horoscopes forecasts beginning on Thursday. Looking for romance and love or wondering how to make the most of your relationship? Your weekly Pisces astrology predictions can give your relationships a much needed shot in the arm. Likewise, you can get insight about timing your decisions in career, finances, travel, purchases or investments.

Pisces Weekly Money and Finances Horoscope

Your Piscean weekly horoscope forecasts and astrology readings can be especially worthwhile on Thursday. Be sure check your Pisces weekend outlook and overview horoscope to make the most of those precious days off. Vivian Weaver at Stargazer.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope 7 - 13 October, 12222

Another week behind you, Pisces! Before you start your festivities, give yourself some time for reading next week's horoscope predictions and astrology forecasts. Through your weekly Pisces horoscopes, you may figure out ways to get more out of this weekend and next week.

Pisces Monthly Horoscope 12222

Saturday has some of the best weekly Pisces horoscope and astrology predictions, hands down. There's at least one brilliant weekly Pisces love horoscope, and some other outstanding Pisces weekly horoscopes on Saturday. Today is all about quality, not quantity. Pisces has a fine selection of weekly horoscopes today giving your forecast the whole week ahead. Seriously, the weekly Pisces astrology predictions are too good to miss every Saturday, so do take check your luck and see what's in your stars!

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  • Mystic Stars Wisdom Forecast. Our astrology and horoscope directory features much, much more than weekly forecasts for Pisces! We've also got you covered with other forecasts and horoscope predictions for Pisces including:. We've already told you all about our weekly horoscopes for Pisces, but you wouldn't want to ignore your daily astrology either. The daily horoscope forecasts are more granular than the weekly Pisces horoscopes. We often look to our daily readings to fill in gaps in the weekly forecasts especially on Tuesday and Wednesday.

    If you still want more free Pisces horoscopes, near the end of each and every month, many monthly Pisces horoscope predictions come out. You'll want to leave yourself extra time for readings during that time, since monthly forecasts are usually longer than weekly and daily. We wouldn't want you to fall too far behind on your daily and weekly Pisces horoscopes! Pisces yearly horoscopes for offer a broad forecast covering the whole year ahead, in great detail. The annual Pisces horoscope forecasts focus on astrology themes you'll experience throughout the year.

    With all these free horoscopes for Pisces, you are definitely lucky to find our astrology website! Our daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and Pisces love horoscope forecasts will keep you in horoscopes forever. Speaking of Pisces love horoscopes and astrology predictions, ours cover single Pisces as well as those already involved in couples. If you've enjoyed your Pisces weekly predictions and free Pisces weekly forecasts, drop by often to get your brief overview our detailed outlook.

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