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Their desire is to experience and shine in the world. Freedom to explore everything the world offers is their greatest joy. When interacting with a Sagittarius moon, you notice a vague detachment. There always seems to be a part of them that is focused on something else. Even so, they are astute. Don't let their seemingly distracted manner give you impression they're unaware. Sagittarius moons are among the best in their ability to accurately assess people and situations. They can determine motives and even like to make predictions about the behavior of people or situations.

In fact, it can feel like the Sagittarius moon understands your motives better than you! They are simply good at cutting through nonsense and carving out the truth. Because of their universal nature, they are less focused on themselves or on the dynamics of the relationship which frees them to see things and understand people from a removed, larger, and more unbiased perspective. This also makes them pretty sturdy in relationships.

The only thing that really offends them are outright lies and betrayals because they go against their idea of how the world should work. Other than that, they are easy-going, conversational and always ready for an adventure. Their slightly removed, universal perspective also gives them a dry, witty and often sarcastic sense of humor. They use their ability to assess people and situations for the sake of humor quite often and aren't shy about it.

They call things as they see them and have a way of speaking that is blunt and yet just tactful enough to be funny. This ability makes Sagittarius the only sign that can get away with saying just about anything. The moon is your hidden, unconscious director of your life Click to read more about the moon. Moon in Aries Those born with their moon in Aries feel Click to read article. Moon in Taurus A style and manner that is subtle Moon in Leo People with their moon in Leo have a commanding Moon in Virgo The moon in Virgo person is acutely aware of Moon in Libra The ultimate in polite, considerate behavior Moon in Scorpio Not the easiest sign position for Moon in Aquarius An Aquarius moon operates on a different Moon in Pisces As the last sign of the zodiac Friendly, generous and optimistic, these two play very well together.

They will have a great time going out together, playing games, and living free. Leo Moon is very loyal, and they want to know that they have Sagittarius' full attention. They also need to feel appreciated to be happy. Sagittarius Moon needs to feel the winds of freedom, both emotionally and at home. They may be rather tactless, which may hurt Leo's pride. Leo takes everything very personally. If they can overcome these small issues, they can have a very fulfilling life together. They may be very lucky when they are together, and they will prosper almost effortlessly in the eyes of others.

Moon in Sagittarius // Emotional Sagittarius

These two are great fun to be around. They suit each other to a T the majority of the time.

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You may find them traveling the world, clubbing, and enjoying all manners of sport. Enterprising and cheerful, these two will certainly light up any room they walk into.

Moon in Sagittarius...

Sagittarius Moon and Virgo Moon may or may not get along. They will have many challenges to face and one will need to make compromises to make things work out. They both approach the world from different viewpoints that may make it difficult for them to connect deeply. Practical Virgo will have their hands full with adventurous Sagittarius. Their biggest challenge is to learn that they really aren't that different… they just see things differently. If they can manage to put themselves in each others shoes once in awhile, it will really help smooth out their relationship.

The smaller challenges will deal with practical matters. Virgo Moon will want to set a little aside for a rainy day, while Sagittarius will point out that the sky is cloudy now, so why not spend? Virgo wants everything organized and planned; Sagittarius doesn't like anything that gets in the way of their freedom and spontaneity.

Sagittarius Moon with Gemini Moon

While the initial attraction is strong, it may prove too difficult to make it last. This will be especially true if each partner tries to convert the other over to their own way of doing things. Sagittarius Moon and Libra Moon have a very good chance at a long, loving relationship. Both partners are friendly, tolerant, outgoing, idealistic and think the best of people.

Where they differ is in their needs. Libra Moon needs more time with their partner than Sagittarius Moon may be willing to give. Sagittarius Moon has a strong independent streak, and they may find Libra a bit clingy. Together, they have a great time out with friends or having adventures. Libra may get hurt occasionally by Sagittarius' complete obliviousness to the feelings of others. Libra Moon won't ever say anything, however, in the interest of keeping everything conflict-free.

Cancer Sun Sagittarius Moon – Personality, Compatibility

Libra Moon's diplomacy will keep the peace more often than not with Sagittarius Moon. When Sagittarius Moon goes off on one of their solitary adventures, Libra Moon may find themselves feeling abandoned and insecure. With these conflicts, both partners will need to make some concessions to be truly happy. If they are really attached to each other, they will make it work out to both their advantages.

Their good times will far outweigh the bad, and Libra Moon will tolerate quite a bit in the name of diplomacy and tact. Sagittarius Moon and Scorpio Moon may have some conflicts. If one is willing to bend over backwards for the other, there may be some possibility for a long term relationship, but this may end up creating tension. They do share some understandings, but overall it may be difficult for them to keep it going. Scorpio Moon is private, suspicious and passionate. They are loyal, emotional and possessive. Sagittarius Moon on the other hand, is social, upbeat and philosophical.

They want a certain amount of freedom and independence. Disagreements are likely to arise from Scorpio's need to uncover secrets and Sagittarius' need to expand their experiences. They are likely to inhibit both partners by their behavior. In order for either partner to feel safe and secure in the relationship, they will need to accommodate each other. Scorpio's jealousy may erupt into an emotional scene when Sagittarius is just being friendly and having fun.

They have a hard time understanding why the other does what they do. Chances are the relationship will not last too long if they are not able or willing to work on their problem areas.

Gemini and Sagittarius Love Compatibility -

They are as different as night and day. Sagittarius Moon doubled will have a common understanding with each other. They will find they feel the same way about most things, but this relationship could still be on the rocks. Sagittarius is known for their carefree attitude and need for freedom. Two of them together may not put the effort into the relationship that is needed to help make it last. Negative feelings will be magnified with this pairing as well. A double Sagittarius Moon can have a lot of fun together.

They are both playful and fun loving. They have a terrific sense of humor and love to go out on the town. Travel is second nature to them. They love long intellectual conversations and have a philosophical outlook on life. They both want to expand their horizons through a wide variety of experiences. They know that each of them needs freedom and space for adventures. Sounds like a match made in heaven, doesn't it?

Sagittarius Moon Compatibility: Enthusiasm Meets Idealism

Unfortunately these free spirits may get so wrapped up in their adventures that they take the other for granted. They may distance themselves emotionally from traumatic and emotional situations, so they don't have to deal with them. This may cause a state of denial that may end up disrupting the entire relationship unless it is dealt with.

They really don't want to deal with negative experiences, and this can build up in an unhealthy way. Sagittarius Moon and Capricorn Moon may as well be from two different planets. Sagittarius is friendly, loves adventure and is enthusiastic, while Capricorn is cautious, hardworking and a homebody. There is a large amount of conflicts to overcome if this pairing is to work out. Sagittarius Moon can't see the realism that Capricorn is a part of. Capricorn's dedication to hard work and creating a secure foundation is completely alien to Sagittarius. Capricorn Moon wants dedication and commitment; Sagittarius Moon wants freedom to follow their dreams.

Capricorn chooses duty and responsibility over pleasure; Sagittarius chooses the opposite.

Sagittarius Moon Sign People

Enthusiastic Sagittarius has problems with Capricorn's self doubts and feelings of doom and gloom. In order to make this relationship work, both partners would have to be willing to make drastic changes in how they approach the world. If they can pull it together, Sagittarius can help Capricorn learn to lighten up and enjoy themselves. Capricorn can help ground Sagittarius and add a little reality to their impracticality.

Sagittarius Moon and Aquarius Moon are highly compatible. They have a solid relationship built on friendship and loyalty. They share common interests in family and adventure. In their case, their differences serve to keep them interested in each other. Both Sagittarius Moon and Aquarius Moon share an interest in new experiences, adventure and independence.

They both adapt easily as needed. They both love to socialize and join groups. They work well together and bring out the best in each other. These two will not care who leaves their socks on the floor or who didn't empty the dishwasher. Their emotional lives are in harmony with each other. While neither one is especially domestic, they manage to get by. They both love contemporary solutions and modern conveniences. Idealism will rule the household. Some may think the relationship isn't based very deep, and they may be right.

Aquarius Moon and Sagittarius Moon live on the surface.