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2. LIBRA (September 23 - October 22)

New Releases. Description Everything you need to know about self-care-especially for Aries! The downside to planning a Gemini wedding is that listening to each other speak becomes a problem, as each person has a lot to say all at once. Fixing this is as simple as having a conversation. Be open and honest about how essential listening is and this Gemini wedding will lead to a long, fruitful marriage. During September 23 and October 22, ending up with the least easy to manage of the Water signs may be a big possibility.

Libras love the social life, are genuinely good people to be around, are energetic, and can be pretty romantic at times. Having a Libra wedding means having a much higher chance of divorce compared to the other water signs. Libras can be a player, and therefore fighting off other people who your spouse may be encouraging could become a nightmarish reality.

When tying the knot anywhere from January 20 to February 18, Aquarius will never let anyone down in the youth department.

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Aquarius runs on a never-ending supply of youth, energy, and spunk. Exhibiting rebellious qualities may raise a few eyebrows when each spouse is caught in the act and called out, but chances are, every Aquarius anniversary will be full of spontaneous adventures. Having an Aquarius wedding means being forever young; at least at heart. Belonging to signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, the Earth element carries the most logical and practical group of the bunch.

Astrology notes that Earth signs tend to think long and hard before making a decision, so hoping for a risk taker is out of the question if the anniversary falls in any one of these signs.

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On a positive note, Water signs are brilliant at creating new things, graceful in their ways, and kind-hearted — all of which are perfect traits for married couples. Having a water sign as a wedding anniversary means that storms will be calm — but the outcome of how long these marriages will last is a bit complicated. If you decide that April 20 through May 20 is the best time to have your wedding, be prepared for a long and prosperous marriage!

Taurus is notorious for their qualities of loyalty, honesty, and a hard-working attitude. Taurus is so loyal that they will expect the same level of loyalty in return. In a healthy marriage, loyalty is the fuel of the relationship, so there should be very few issues within your marriage.

Having a Taurus wedding day may be the best chance of growing old together out of all the signs. There will be few problems and the vast majority of your years will be smooth sailing. With Virgo, know that having a disorderly house is not an option. From August 23 to September 22, opting for a Virgo wedding might mean celebrating the anniversary by taking a day, or even a week, to make the house clean and spotless. With Virgo, married couples will never have to worry about scrambling to clean the house when family members come over; the house will already be in tip-top shape.

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On the unfortunate side, the Virgo tends to be a little OCD, and this can cause problems if the other partner is not on board. Capricorn is the most likely sign to succeed in the Earth department. From December 22 to January 19, a Capricorn wedding anniversary is sure to bring happiness and success.

Capricorns are naturally determined and will always be willing to provide for the home. This sign also holds true to core values such as loyalty and independence. On the negative side, Capricorns can tend to be distant at times, but with love and understanding, they can overcome all odds. Based on each of the signs, Libra is probably the one to avoid if at all possible.

Divorce is more possible with Libra than with any of the other signs, and if you want to have a successful marriage, keeping Libra at bay is probably your best option. Leo can be a little bit more complicated, and often the determining factor of whether or not the marriage will end lies with fate. One moment, Leo is kind, energetic, and the life of the party. At other times, however, Leos can be desperate for attention — when that attention is not given, they may exhibit negative characteristics like jealousy, sulkiness, and irritability.

Leos can be fun to hang out with, but the risk of divorce is sort of up in the air. Always be kind to a Leo and understand that their needs differ from the rest of the signs. Keep in mind that having a Leo anniversary is like a coin toss. When looking for the best possible date to hold a wedding ceremony, look no further than the sign Taurus!

Out of the twelve signs, Taurus holds the most positive qualities that go into making a marriage work long term. Loyalty is their strong suit, so when both parties are in agreement, everything works out wonderfully.

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Any issues this marriage may have will be minor and easily fixed. While there really is no such thing as perfect, Taurus is the closest thing to it. When laying out the calendar and choosing a sign to be associated with such a beautiful union, consider all of the factors in play. An article on Bustle asks, what are their signs? How do they deal with the negative and positive aspects of their signs?

What sort of problems could they face? It is essential to understand the sign chosen for each ceremony and what works best for each couple involved. Knowing each sign and what they believe in and fight for could make or break the alliance. We and our trusted partners use cookies and tracking technologies to create custom content for your enjoyment and to provide advertising in line with your interests.