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You might be mixing with medical personnel this month whether to consult a specialist to help you with your mind, body, or spirit, or to support a close friend or relative who needs some of your good cheer and encouragement while they get well. With the Sun in perfect angle to Saturn on September 6, the outcome of the treatment would be positive and long-lasting.

Get the new Astrology Zone app for horoscopes and more on all your devices! To view the current horoscopes, click here. Your Horoscope by Susan Miller As you enter September, you will notice people around you are in a good mood. Print Horoscope. Daily Astrology Zone With our new subscription service you get forecasts for your sign each day of the year from the top astrologer in the world. See Another Sign's Monthly Horoscope:. New Articles from Susan. More from Astrology Zone. Sign Up Now. News You Can Use. Age of Aquarius. It is unclear from where I sit if that person is someone you are married to, or is a person you deal with in business.

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It is alternatively likely that your partner will deliver news that you could not have anticipated. Mars, your ruler, is found opposite Uranus, a very inflammatory aspect, so things could easily lead to an angry confrontation.

This will be a full-moon eclipse, making for a highly emotional time, and the eclipse will bring feelings to a boil, and those will need to be expressed. Just remember: Eclipses shine their light on truth, providing you with all the information you need to see a situation clearly. It will be vital that you watch your health, as eclipses sometimes point to medical matters that should be addressed before you let the condition go on too long. If you want to separate from your long-term partner in marriage or a serious business alliance, the emphasis on this area of your chart would point to talks about the division of property that occurs before an official split.

Other types of funds covered by this house — where your interest may alternatively be drawn — include commissions, insurance payouts and premiums, inheritance, taxes, pensions, and other funds that are often paid in or out in one lump sum, not over a long period, as weekly salary.

This same area also rules venture capital, so if you expect an infusion of cash for your business, ask for a legal letter of intent at the time the promise is made, and watch for any problems in getting the funds as we get closer to April Eclipses often bring surprise news, so you may have a promise for a financial investment in your company that falls through at the last minute, no matter what preparations you put in place. However, you should at least do a thorough background check prior to making the deal, so that you will not be caught short at the last minute.

Falling in your twelfth house, the last house of the horoscope, this eclipse will bring news only if someone has taken pains to keep you in the dark about a certain situation — everything is about to come out. This same area of the chart also rules healing and rehabilitation of the mind, body, and spirit. If you have had an emotional problem that you feel would require the advice of a therapist or coach, it is likely that you will be more inclined to reach out for help at mid-month.

It is alternatively possible that someone close to you will be hospitalized or move into a nursing home, physical-therapy center and will depend on your cheery presence and assistance now. The second eclipse, on April 28, will be the more important one of the two for you. You may make a sudden decision to part ways, or just the opposite, to marry or make things more official — but, just be prepared, because decisions will be pushed to either end of the spectrum.

Big life events tend to happen on eclipses, but I advise you to go slowly to be sure you have all the facts you need to make an informed decision. Eclipses are famous for their power to dramatically accelerate a timeline. Difficulties with legal matters might come up, too, and at the office, a work project or dealings with coworker or subordinate seems to be problematic, too. You might feel that you are getting no support from those around you, and you might have to fend for yourself.

If you conclude that everyone around you has gone a little crazy near the solar eclipse of April 28, you're probably right. Sometimes, it is perfectly normal to feel like the only sane person in the room. In that case, clear your calendar so that you can deal calmly with all that you need to do. Allow a plus or minus four days of tolerance to this day, and clear your calendar, because it will not be easy to let this event roll off your shoulders.

There are other ways the eclipse may assert news, but all of them will involve either friends or acquaintances who you know and care about, or who you recently met. The part of your chart that is lit up for you also rules clubs and charities, and certain social and professional groups devoted to making improvements to society though humanitarian, community, or political action. Tread carefully. Sometimes an eclipse will not bring strife or disagreement, but rather care and concern over the welfare of the person highlighted in the chart.

Your friend may have been given difficult life news, and you may be called upon to help her through her very emotional crisis at this full moon. At the same time, your house of love will be lit up, so you might have a romantic situation that needs tending to. You may wonder, what else can happen this month? With many heavenly bodies moving through your house of true love, all in disagreeable position to the eclipse degrees away, you may feel tense about the way the person you are dating is treating you.

It is possible a friend will give you his or her opinion about your love life, or worse, that your friend has eyes for your partner, and may be acting on it. Stay alert, and although it is unlikely that the worst manifestations of this eclipse may come up, in a month like this, you need to be ready for anything. The new-moon solar eclipse of April 28 may be a time when you realize that you cannot burn the candle at both ends without having to pay for it eventually. That right, your body will rebels.

There may be times that you can — and must — get away with long hours of work with little sleep, but this month is not one of those times. The eclipse will fall in the part of your chart ruling health, and so something may occur near April 28 and the days that follow to show you that you must take your health seriously. This same eclipse will bring problems with an assignment and also your compensation either in terms of salary or commission and your news will likely make you incredulous when you hear it. You and the other signs are all in the same boat, dear Sagittarius.

Soldier on, for you are in the process of weeding out the outworn elements of your life that will allow you to enter an exciting period of renewal. That's because the two eclipses of this month will set off possible changes at home or in regard to a parent or other family member, and your career and, later, also your love life and plans you might have to have a baby.

Each area will demand attention — all seemingly at once. At first, you will need to put more emphasis on your career, especially in the days that circle the full-moon lunar eclipse, on April You may be ready to change the kind of work you do as a result of shifts, or take on more responsibility and a bigger title in a different company doing the same work. You may get an offer that will allow you to break the mold and make a transition into a completely new industry. Alternatively, you may decide to stay put, happy to work for your boss, only to discover that he or she is leaving.

In this case, you may wonder, what you should do. Do little; first wait to see if you like the new boss who takes her place. Whatever is happening at work will have a direct impact at home, and you will feel strong pressure to take care of both areas, which will, admittedly, require superhuman strength.

You may need to move or quickly help a parent. If you're out of work, you may find that every job you find that interests you will require relocation — that choice is of course up to you, but in that case, it seems likely that you will be moving. Capricorns born on January 15 or within four days of this date will feel this eclipse the most.

This month will not be easy for you, but the changes you experience now will actually work in your favor over time — you simply need to get beyond these eclipses. But, if your birthday does not fall near January 15, you will only feel the influence mildly. Just when you are getting familiar with the problems presented at the April 15 eclipse, you will quickly be faced with a new-moon solar eclipse, on April 28, which will begin a new trend in your love life. You may meet someone new, or deal with a surprise pregnancy, or else you may be focused on a child that you already have.

This eclipse will be in Taurus, a sign that blends well with your Capricorn Sun, so events at this time may be easily absorbed. However, at the same time, Mars will oppose Uranus and continue to bring up decisions about the matters that came to your attention earlier, at the first eclipse of April 15, in regard to your family, home, other property, and vast shifts in your career.

Everything seems to influence everything else this month, dear Capricorn, and that will be true for one and all. Fortunately, you are an unflappable sign, able to withstand pressures that would make others fold in the very first burst of news — but then, that is what makes you such a fine leader. Finding accord may prove to very difficult at this time, as none of the planets appear to be working in a cooperative mode.

I strongly urge you to push off important matters to May, at the earliest.

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I say that gingerly because an eclipse will always have the ability to affect you one month later May 15 plus or minus four days or even one month to the day earlier, so March, 15 with the same plus or minus four days. Mercury will go retrograde in June, and severe cosmic storms will dot the first week in July. Meaning, you may be waiting quite a while for things to clear up. So, if you put plans in place amidst such difficult aspects, you will be working harder than you need to for your initial date, setting up the DNA of the project.

Ideally, you will want the best aspects at play at all new initiations. And then, the more important of the two eclipses will occur on April 28, when a solar new moon will appear in Taurus in your house of home, property, and family, most directly influencing one of your parents — most likely your father or another male connected with your home. This eclipse will set you off in a new direction, either because you have to move, or else because you need to renovate or repair your home. The fact that an eclipse is triggering this means it is no small action but a big one that will affect your life for a long time as you move forward.

Your career is coming up as a big focus mid-May, so the time you are spending on your home situation will lay the groundwork for you to more fully give yourself to your career next month. That may be your moment to shine, so keep this in mind as you make it through April. You may be facing a powerful drain on your financial resources, related to taxes, an inheritance, or a purchase you did not know you needed to make such as for a car or computer.

These are some examples, but of course, there are literally hundreds of possible examples of things that might require a large check. Something about this event, however, seems quite unexpected and jarring, and the money you will need to pay will cause you to feel a pinch. Your best bet will be not to see your accountant on or near the emotional full-moon lunar eclipse of April 15, but to get your tax return done as early as possible. If you need an extension, file in mid-to-late July, your best month, not September or October.

Your house of hopes and wishes, as well as your house of children and love are also about to be drawn into the conversation of the April 15 eclipse, so you may also have to put off a personal desire. But then, the April 28 eclipse will be a bit easier to experience, as it will be in Taurus, a sign that blends well with your Pisces sun. This eclipse will set off an event that centers on your ability to communicate well in writing, editing, filming, coding, advertising, translation or other such related skills.

Still, although the project or opportunity may be exciting, you will have a few obstacles to get through. Be careful about any contract you sign — study it thoroughly and be sure to bring in your attorney to look it over, too. With Pluto at odds with Mars, Uranus, and Jupiter, no one will find April an easy time to find accord. Most troubling will be the opposition of Mars to Uranus, both in financial houses, so money might be a point of contention.

Still, Pisces is thought to be one of the most flexible signs, and if anyone can find imaginative, creative solutions to any obstacle, it is you. Keep reminding yourself that you are not in the center of the storm that is these eclipses.

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Now, you might get even more serious about establishing yourself as a solo act and making a living from it, especially through digital ventures that can reach a wide audience. But don't rush! You're hosting structured Saturn in your tenth house of career from December 19, until December 17, , a three-year period that could position you for new levels of leadership, as long as you're willing to put in the work.

While Aries CAN get by on charisma and a bounty of natural skills, Saturn demands that you pay your dues—no shortcuts allowed. There will be times when you feel held back by bureaucracy or a demanding and old-school boss. See this person as a messenger rather than a managerial nightmare: they're teaching you to step into your own leadership and authority, but also the importance of sometimes following the rules. Your relationship with your father or an important man could also undergo some growing pains with Saturn in this paternal precinct of your chart.

Saturn rules aging, and you may move into more of a caregiver role with an elderly parent, or shift to an adult relationship. The July 12 Cancer solar eclipse spotlights women, home and mothers, which could bring a sea change to your living situation or your relationship with a key female figure. Ready to find your herd, Bull—or at least, a companion to cattle-ize sorry, couldn't resist your grandest plans?

In , partnerships are finally a source of joy instead of struggle.

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From October until December , tough Saturn was slogging through your relationship sectors, testing your boundaries and forcing you to take a mature new approach. You may have parted ways or worked hard to strengthen a connection. Travel, life challenges or a demanding work schedule could have kept even the strongest duos separated at times.

Libra Horoscope for September 12222

Luckily, you can leave these struggles in the rearview, as Saturn moves into an easier role, occupying your ninth house of travel and study until December You could return to school, start a business or get serious about your personal development this year. But the real tide-turner is Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, which will be in Scorpio and your partnership house until November 8.

Instead of hardship, you'll now experience luck and optimism. Jupiter here can bring inspiring new partners for both love and work. Existing bonds will get an infusion of joy and adventure. You may even switch roles with a longtime mate, becoming the breadwinner or staying home with the kids, for example. A new job, the sale or purchase of a home or shifts with a parent are all par for the course. That's more than enough "breaking news" for your habitual constitution, but we saved the biggest headline for last.

Radical changemaker Uranus will enter Taurus on May 15, its first visit to your sign in 77 years. Between now and , prepare for an extreme life makeover that could reshuffle your goals and priorities. You've been "marinating" for the past seven years, making deep internal changes on an emotional and spiritual level—whether you were aware of that or not. Now, you've got a cosmic coming-out party that starts this year, one that could find you putting an original stamp on everything! Your sign has a lesser-known Type A side, Gemini, and it's steering you through a good part of Expansive Jupiter is in Scorpio and your administrative, orderly sixth house until November 8, which will make you crave simplicity and systems.

As a sign that's famous for biting off more than you chew, this new "less is more" ethos helps you really zoom in on what matters to you most. The sixth house rules health and you could make a change to your diet and eating habits, possibly due to doctor's orders. Nothing wrong with lowering your blood pressure or busting up a sedentary lifestyle with regular workouts. Interestingly, Jupiter is the sign of expansion, and many people gain a little extra padding and curviness during this Jupiter cycle, even when you work out and heap healthy food on your plate.

Our advice: Enjoy and embrace it instead of obsessing over the size of your jeans. Instead, how about turning that intensity to your love life or financial goals? Structured Saturn is in Capricorn for the next three years, bringing its regimented touch to your eighth house of merging, intimacy and joint ventures. You may need to do some repair work around trust and emotional bonds. Some Geminis will make important financial investments, but proceed with caution. Saturn demands that you conduct due diligence before diving in to anything that's hard to reverse.

An engagement, pregnancy, divorce, real estate purchase or legal settlement could all be part of Saturn's agenda, as the ties that bind come under scrutiny. Leaning into a spiritual practice could help, especially when awakener Uranus begins an eight-year journey to Taurus and your twelfth house of healing mid-May. Prepare to start shedding layers of your identity that are no longer a fit for the person you've become.

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You might take up serious meditation, head off on a retreat or take a deep-dive into your subconscious with hypnotherapy or even past-life regression. These galvanizing moonbeams help you spread your message to the masses through writing, speaking and creative media channels. A lone eclipse in Cancer on July 12 could bring new sources of financial abundance by the end of the year. Relationships are the key theme in for you, Cancer—and the landscape is a mix of both challenging and inspiring scenarios. On the upside, expansive Jupiter will visit Scorpio and your passionate, expressive fifth house until November 8, bringing new opportunities to shine creatively and romantically.

Virgo Daily Horoscope Susan Miller

But partnerships could be tested as stalwart Saturn will spend the next three years cycling through your opposite sign, Capricorn, the ruler of your committed seventh house. Some Crabs will move into serious alliances, while others could part ways or separate. Even the strongest couples could find themselves spending time apart due to hectic work schedules, a long-distance relationship or personal duties that cut into quality time.

Saturn rules mentors, so working with a business coach, mediator or couple's therapist could make or break a connection. This is an especially potent year because it's bookended by TWO full moons in Cancer—the first, a supermoon, arrives January 1, and the second is on December Sandwiched in between them on July 12 is a Cancer solar new moon eclipse, which could catapult you into a brand-new chapter around a solo project or push you into the spotlight.

Are you overly reliant on someone else for your sense of security? Saturn's challenges are actually an opportunity to get right within. These moonbeams will raise your fiscal IQ and could bring some powerful shifts for your career. If you've been stuck in the grind you may decide to go freelance—or vice versa, trading your independent lifestyle for something more stable. Year Deux of the Leo reinvention tour is underway! February kicked off a two-year cycle of life-changing eclipses in Leo and Aquarius, which catalyzed a revolution in your personal identity AND your closest relationships.

The show-stopping moment was on August 21, , when the Leo solar eclipse brought Lions stateside into its "path of totality," leaving behind a trail of paper, sun-blocking glasses and hopeful Leo hearts. So… what was it all for? You'll start to get some answers in , starting with the January 31 Leo total lunar full moon eclipse, which is also a potent supermoon. August 11 brings another Leo solar eclipse and the puzzle pieces will come together, and a clear picture of Leo 2.

Libra 2019 -2020 Astrology Annual Forecast

Meantime, two Aquarius eclipses in February and July will reshuffle the dynamics of your business and romantic partnerships yet again. You could enter or exit a relationship, or you might just shift the balance of power in important ways. Yes, Leo, we know you like to be on top—but how about a more lateral playing field? While these eclipses could keep you busy all year, some other important parts of your chart are also bustling with activity.

Expansive Jupiter is in Scorpio and your domestic fourth house all year, bringing growth to your living situation and family ties. Ready to put down roots? In the market for a move? Globetrotting Jupiter might even bring you to another zip code—or country code. Your relationship with your mother, a daughter or a female relative could deepen, and some Leos might become parents this year.

Meantime, a major career transition could be underway, when radical changemaker Uranus starts an eight-year visit to Taurus and your professional sector mid-May. Trailblazing Uranus only comes here every 84 years, so this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to pursue your wildest and most out-there dreams. Uranus rules technology, so a digital venture could become a big part of your paycheck. Making new friends isn't always at the top of every Virgo's list, but in , it might just occupy the number-one spot.

With open-hearted and outspoken Jupiter in Scorpio and your communication house until November, even the hermit-like Virgos of the world could turn into master networkers. Get ready: Friends of all stripes could enter your orbit, some quite different from you. Normally, you prefer a well-edited circle of like-minded people who bring thought-provoking conversations. Or, you just savor spending time alone!

With Jupiter here, variety is the new spice of life.