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Be cautious when conversing with your children, making sure not to impose your ideas on them all the time. You will have a sweet home with a loving spouse and adorable children and it is up to you to maintain it that way. Wealthy and enjoying good health, you will evince a lot of interest in sports and outdoor activities. You like to travel frequently.

Horosoft Celebrity Horoscope Numerology - Dhirubhai Ambani

Hence you would be spending less time at home which, in a way, is good because your people will be less exposed to your short temper and the consequent violent outburst. As you proceed, your thoughts will dwell on a higher plane - the spiritual side. A god-fearing individual, you will develop deeper interest in religion and philosophy. You will visit holy places and contribute to charity.

You will enjoy splendid health for the greater part of your life but there may be occasions when you are likely to be affected by diseases like gout and asthma, plus sustaining fractures. Better take preventive steps straightaway. The profession that fits a Sagittarian best is politics. Among the next best will be becoming a public orator, teacher or bank employee.

Dhirubhai Ambani HoroScope

Being attached to religious, occult or religious institutions, or connected with publishing houses will be rewarding. The other areas in which you can fare well are company law, engineering, contracts or foreign assignments. He rose to level of a multi-billionaire starting from the period of Mars; his financial gains were stupendous during the main period of Jupiter.

Nava Amsa chart :. Rasi chart : 1 Saturn is the lord of 2 nd house Dhana and is well placed in his own house Dhana ; Jupiter aspects Dhana house and the Saturn. This is benefical but in Nava amsa Saturn is in Aries and is debiliated. So the yoga is spoiled. Jupiter is lord of 2 kendra quadrants 1 and 4 th houses; he has ubhaya-kendra-adhipathaty lord of 2 kendras dosham.

Also Jupiter is debilitated in nava amsa in Capricorn is malefic. Also he is in Vyaya 12 th house. Bhava Chart is more accurate and gives better predictions, because the birth lagna is taken as reference standard and the relative positions of the nine planets are examined.

Also Sun the lord of Leo is in lagnam and is a friend to Jupiter. This highly beneficial aspect lifted him to meterioc hights of riches and prosperity and made him a multi-billionaire during the main period of Jupiter — Mars period Dec to Dec began to lift him in life and paved path to his prosperity, success and glory.

This beneficial conjunction in a highly benefical house made him a world-famous business tycoon and highly rich and successful in business. That is, 6 out of 9 elements attain some sort of particular standing within the Dasamsa.


Career Horoscope Chart 2 is of a preferred Hindi movie star. The Rasi in Chart 2 is kind of robust. The Ascendant lord Sun is Neecha to start with however will get Neechabhanga and because the Ascendant lord produces a Neechabhanga Raja Yoga that contributes significantly to the foundational energy of the chart.

Lakshmi Yoga - Dhirubhai Ambani

There is Rahu exalted within the 11th which is a superb blessing and tends to strengthen the chart as a complete. Further, Rahus Vargottama. Saturn is within the seventh and is the centre of a Sasa Mahapurusha Yoga which contributes to the mass enchantment the actor has attracting legions of followers. In this case, in contrast to in Chart 1, the Rasi itself exhibits a excessive degree of success.

Know your Ascendant

The Dasamsa chart solely confirms it. Pisces rising within the Dasamsa is straight influenced by its ruler Jupiter. Mars occupies his personal signal which can also be his Moolatrikona signal.

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