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So the whole point of formation of Kemdrum Yog in a horoscope is that the most important planet Moon and the most important houses of the horoscope which are 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th are all deprived of any kind of company and activity, especially good and benefic activity which results in not much good happening to the native. I have seen many horoscopes in which only the first condition for the formation of Kemdrum Yog is met which means that there are no planets on either side of the Moon, and I have found that many natives having this kind of horoscope are leading very good lives and they are doing well on all fronts of their lives, which clearly shows that Kemdrum Yog is not formed when only the primary condition for the formation of this yog is satisfied.

On the other hand, when more conditions are observed for the formation of Kemdrum Yog, the problems increase for the native. I have seen that the natives having a lonely Moon in their horoscopes and also having all Kendra houses of their horoscopes empty and not having any planetary aspect to the Moon are the ones who are actually suffering from Kemdrum Yog and most of these natives are struggling with their lives on one front or the other.

It has also come to my observation that the presence of Rahu and Ketu with Moon, in houses 2 and 12 from the Moon or in any of Kendra houses is a strong exception only when Rahu and Ketu are working as malefic planets in the horoscope whereas the intensity of Kemdrum Yog decreases when Rahu and Ketu are present in any one of the above mentioned combinations and they are benefic in nature, at the same time.

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Logically thinking, the presence of any benefic planet in important houses of a horoscope or with Moon should reduce the intensity of Kemdrum Yog in the horoscope and this is what happens when Rahu and Ketu become benefic in a horoscope. I have seen that the natives with benefic Rahu and Ketu placed in one of the above mentioned combinations in their horoscopes are not suffering as much from Kemdrum Yog as much the natives with malefic Rahu and Ketu are suffering.

It has also come to my observation that the aspect cast on a lonely Moon by a malefic planet does not count much towards reducing the intensity of Kemdrum Yog and in some cases, such an aspect can increase the strength of Kemdrum yog in the horoscope, whereas the aspect cast by a benefic planet on Moon can significantly reduce the intensity of Kemdrum Yog in the horoscope depending on the strength of this benefic aspect.

It should further be noted that Kemdrum yog intensifies even more when apart from meeting all the above mentioned conditions, Moon is a malefic in the horoscope as that adds to the negativity of the equation whereas the adverse effects of Kemdrum Yog are reduced when such a Moon is working as a strong benefic in the horoscope.

The placement of Moon in a particular house and in a particular sign in the horoscope should also be analyzed as these factors can also change the malefic effects of Kemdrum Yog.

Kemadruma Yoga , How to Sovle Kemadruma Dosha

For example, a Kemdrum Yog formed by the placement of Moon in Scorpio is more malefic than the one which has the Moon placed in Cancer or Taurus. Similarly the placement of Moon in 5th or 9th house of a horoscope can reduce the malefic effects of Kemdrum Yog whereas the placement of Moon in 8th house can make the situation even worse.

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And finally, the horoscope should also be checked for the presence of other benefic and malefic yogas as the presence of one or more strong benefic yogas can reduce the malefic effects of Kemdrum Yog, whereas the presence of one or more malefic yogas in the horoscope can increase the malefic effects of Kemdrum Yog. A combination of Kemdrum Yog and Sarpa Dosha in a horoscope can cause disasters for the natives as this can simply be one of the worst combinations possible in Vedic astrology.

Hence all the important facts should be analyzed from the horoscope and only then, the formation of Kemdrum Yog should be confirmed in the horoscope. Predicting this Yog merely on the basis of one condition should be avoided as it can discourage the native when he comes to know that he is suffering from Kemdrum Yog while in reality he may not be suffering from this yog at all, and on the contrary, he may be having some good yogas in his horoscope. By Himanshu Shangari. Visit Our Blog: HimanshuShangari. Menu Skip to content AstrologerPanditJi. Why Kemdrum Dosh makes you love loneliness For that, we have to understand the significance of Moon in astrology.

In astrology each house and planet denotes something.


Basically, astrology is a guideline that astrologers decode. Auspicious and Inauspicious results of Kemdrum Yoga As mentioned earlier, a person born in this yoga faces poverty, sadness and troubles. He may face trouble in his profession too. The mind is restless and unsatisfied.

The Enigmas of ‘Kemadruma’ Yoga in Political Horoscopes- I

The person gets dependent on others. The person has long life but faces trouble in his marriage and children. There is a misconception about Kemdrum yoga that it provides a person with a troubled life. Therefore, many astrologers believe this yoga to be inauspicious. This is not true. People in Kemdrum yoga do well in their profession and they also receive respect and appreciation their work. There are certain yogas too in the chart that can change Kemdrum yoga into Rajya yoga.

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In previous era astrologers consider this yoga very inauspicious but it is not so, this yoga has certain good points too. Get your yoga report.

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