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If you are thinking of taking a trip — this is the year to do it! Make plans. Book a reservation. Alternatively, you might choose to expand your world by getting further education because this is the best year in over a decade to enjoy going back to school, or continuing school. Certain careers will receive wonderful opportunities: look for ways to explore new avenues in publishing and the media.

Many of you will make advancements in medicine or the law. Not only publishing but also anything to do with the world of academia and higher education will bring opportunities your way. Grab your rewards! This year your cherished dreams are coming true. You are focused on your career and enjoying success and a boost to your reputation. However, all of this might be at the expense of your closest relationships. Do not let this happen — no matter how tempting it is.

This is an ideal year to meet someone who is different, especially someone from another culture or a different country. This opportunity will present itself to you because Jupiter is travelling through your Ninth House, which means you will attract people to you who are different from the people you usually meet.

Because you might seek out further education or training, you will have opportunities to meet people from other cultures and different backgrounds. Because of expanding career opportunities in publishing, the media, medicine, the law and anything to do with higher education, these are also areas where you will encounter new romance and create new relationships and friendships. A foreign lover is a great way to learn a new language!

This year you will spend money making your surroundings more pleasing. You will also spend money on travel. Your health will be strong, too. Your primary challenge with home and family will be that with the distractions of success, plus your increased responsibilities, you have less time and energy to focus on home and family. There is a strong recognition of you as an individual this year, which encourages you to look inward rather than outward to your family and friends.

Be mindful of this. Do not get caught up in your success. Remember how important it is to have someone to nudge in the night. You ripe juicy peach! You are the most sensuous, tactile sign in the zodiac. Because you are the county squire of the zodiac, you want mortgage-free acreage with lambs running on the north You appreciate antiques, art, fine wood, pewter, silver and gold. Many of you have marvellous singing voices and a resonant speaking voice, especially the men.

You love your creature comforts and are a food gourmet and connoisseur of wines. My advice? Never eat more than you can lift. In you entered a new path; and around , you expanded your family or moved to better digs. The years were a roller coaster of residential moves and job changes, but by , you were busting your buns to show the world what you could do. Increased earnings followed in , which is when you started to get recognition for your past efforts. Around , you enjoyed romance, vacations and opportunities to play.

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This was timely because by , once again, you were busting your buns to get a better job and improve your health. Last year in , you had one of the best years to get married or form a new partnership. The year is a time of preparation because you are approaching a career peak in your life. This means you must do as much as possible because you are laying the groundwork for a future success for two windows of time ahead: The first window is just one year away ; and the second window is further in the future around The more you accomplish this year, the better foundation you will establish not only for future successes, but also to protect yourself against future adversities.

Nevertheless, you will still win recognition for your efforts this year because bosses are impressed with your diligence. Ironically, although you will work had to be productive, it is relatively easy to gain accomplishments. This is because Saturn is in your fellow Earth sign giving you support. Whatever you do will tend to be successful. Love it! Take advantage of this favourable influence because Saturn will move to a new sign in early This is the perfect year to get training or further education and thereby maximize the opportunities that present themselves to you in The more you learn and the more you accomplish this year — the more it will bear fruit in 18 months.

One of your greatest advantages this year is that it is easy for you to access the wealth and resources of others. It will be relatively easy to get a loan or a business mortgage. This is also a good year to do fund raising or enter into a partnership where you need financial backing. This is an excellent year for relationships! Last year was also an excellent year for relationships because it was a great year to get married. This year your relations with others will be supportive and helpful. They will improve your position financially because your partner might earn more money, which in turn, indirectly benefits you.


You will learn from others, perhaps something profound and meaningful. If you have recently been through any kind of psychological stress, this year is an excellent healing time. People will be helpful. If you have to move, they will help you move. If you go on a vacation, they will let you use their cabin or their condo. People will lend you things or give you gifts and practical support. Naturally, much of this will be based on your past relations because what goes around comes around. This year your personal life will run more smoothly. This is a great year to get a home mortgage or loan to build, renovate or repair your home.

Similarly, your effort to get in better shape will have a long-term benefit in the future. Those born between May can really become stronger this year. All of you have a sense of having survived heavy challenges. Now your rewards will come to you on a silver platter! You can heal yourself and throw off illness. Many of you will receive an inheritance this year because you will benefit from the wealth and resources of others, and especially within the family, you will receive gifts, loans and favours from relatives or immediate family members.

This same theme applies to your personal health. Bring it on!

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You are curious and fascinating! You love ideas, witty people, new places, bookstores, magazines, race tracks, maps, pens, jokes, gadgets, puzzles, lively conversations, hockey, bow ties, two-toned oxford shoes, spontaneous travel and juicy gossip. You can glance at a book jacket and expound on it at a party. You prefer fast hits of information and like to be up to date.

You enjoy the stimulation of two homes, two jobs and sometimes two lovers! You love your adoring peanut gallery! In the mids, you improved your health and got a better job. At the turn of the millennium, you gave up a lot to start a new path in In a few years, your home scene improved and family expanded. Around — 08, job changes and residential moves were a roller coaster. By , your reputation was shining!

When Jupiter entered your sign in , life looked even better, with increased earnings to follow. By , you had a chance to expand your home or enhance your domestic world through real estate. Last year, your job and health improved. To put in perspective, you need to grasp your timeline. Around , you set out on a new journey and by , you started to feel your power. From that point on, you became more focused and ready to face the world. This increased confidence will now boost your professional life, which is why you are finally out of the woods, and heading for a career peak in about four years!

This is when all the seeds you have been planting, certainly since , will come to fruition. It will be a time of harvest and kudos and you will feel proud of your achievements! Your lovely blessing for is that this is an excellent year to enter into a professional relationship or a business partnership. This person might or might not bring money to the table, but you can count on the fact that they will lift your spirits and make you more confident and help you in other ways.

You will be happier for their input into your life. In some ways, this year is a personal culmination, which encourages you to expand in certain ways. Your increased confidence is strong and powerful. You will be more willing to try big ideas and explore new territory! Do note: This is a tough year to get a business loan or mortgage or the backing of another person. This is just a temporary set-back; because in four years, you will reach a career peak! Yay, you! This is a fabulous year for relationships! For starters, you feel confident about your relationships and close friendships.

You will feel loved and appreciated.

Your one-to-one encounters with others will be meaningful and this will contribute to your own personal growth. Almost by magic, you will encounter people who help you and benefit you in amazing ways. These relationships will be mutually beneficial, which is the very best. In fact, not only will others help you in your personal relationships this year, even professional assistance will benefit you for example seeing a lawyer, a doctor, counsellor or an astrologer. If you marry, you will benefit financially from the marriage. Your partner might be slightly older or more well-established and your respect for this person is one of the things that makes you attracted to them.

You will also travel this year and become involved with people from other countries and different backgrounds because you will benefit from a cosmopolitan association with others. You will be pleased to learn new things from others. These benefits will also indirectly affect your family.

This year your personal life will benefit through close friends and partnerships because wealth will come to you from other sources, which in turn, will benefit your family and perhaps your home. Relations with family members will be more positive and upbeat mainly because this is how you feel. Attitude is major. You will feel more confident about who you are and confident about your relations with others, and especially confident about the kind of people that you can attract into your world.

As you enjoy this growing confidence, your attitude will be more positive. Obviously, this increased happiness in your personal life will promote warmer relations with family members. All in all, this is an excellent year to deal with others. Having said that, however, this is not a good year to benefit from the wealth and resources of others.

However, this will not bother you at this time because you are entering a happy year for yourself, which means you will feel quite content with the way things are. I call Cancer the Big Tit because you are the nurturer and caregiver of the Zodiac. You can nurse a sick child, a wilting house plant, a bland soup, an unruly garden, a stalled motor and even a weak joke because you have such a marvelous sense of humour. You are tenacious! You would never buy bedding full retail. You thrive in restaurants, marinas, gardens, real estate and medicine.

The world needs you! Around , you had a chance to improve your job and your health. Soon afterwards, relationships improved except for the one you had to leave. This was a powerful time for you and many of you received recognition for your achievements now or in the next few years.

Certainly by , people admired you because you looked good! By , many of you started to downsize and let go of what was no longer really relevant in your life. Fortunately, lucky Jupiter was in your sign in , which brought you good fortune. By , you were headed off on a new path.

Around , you were able to improve your home and family scene. That was also good time for real estate. Romance, vacations and fun times were promising in ; however, by , you entered a two-year window where job changes and residential moves made life unpredictable. Fortunately, your reputation was solid at that time. By , lucky Jupiter was back in your sign making life easier and bringing you opportunities.

By , you were busting your buns to show the world what you could do. You are a nester and you welcomed the chance in to improve your home and your family relationships.

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Last year, partnerships and relationships became a bit tense, even though personally, you were upbeat, ready for vacations and opportunities to party! It happens. Good news! This is the best year in over a decade for you to improve your job. You might get better duties. You might get better working conditions. You might get a promotion or a raise. You might get a transfer to a better location.

Your evil boss might get transferred to Timbuktu. Whatever the situation, you will be happier in your job this year. However, for some of you — nothing can improve your job!

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You need to leave. If this is a case, I guarantee you will get a better job.

You will be happier in your new job and glad to be there. This new job will offer you a learning curve and possibly, work-related travel that is exciting.

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All of this will boost your general morale and your health because in the year , your health will definitely improve! Note: Yes your health will improve this year but guard against gaining weight. Better known as increased pounds on the scale! Time to let out another pleat in the shower curtain? Last year, you started to feel a change in your close relationships. You feel that you are now ready to go forward to pursue new goals, new ideas and entertain new accomplishments — new dreams!

However, your partner might not welcome these changes.

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They like the predictable you, the familiar you. Herein lies the rub. You will note in my glib description of you at the beginning of this forecast that you stay in the wrong relationships too long. That part was not glib. Therefore, at this time, some of you are questioning whether you should stay in a marriage or a committed partnership. But you should also know that even the best of partnerships are being tested last year and this year. Ultimately, they will come out stronger and they will persevere. Neptune has been enjoying a cozy year relationship with your sign since Neptune stimulates your compassion, increases your idealism and heightens your creative imagination.

On a day-to-day basis your sensitivity to others is more tuned in, which gives you increased sensitivity to family members. Also, since , the planet Uranus has been at odds with your sign making you feel rebellious, restless and irritable. Different influence! This testy influence of wild, wacky Uranus ends this year. This means relations with family members, especially older family members or parents, will improve. You can count on this!

Marriage partnerships might be challenging because this is a time when a bad marriage or partnership could end. If this is the case, do not fight it. Do not hold on to something just for the sake of holding on, even though you are miserable. Doing this would be like holding on to a hot pot. If you keep holding on to a hot pot, your hands are burning!

Noble Leo, you are generous, proud, creative and so quick to see the big picture. You love the theatre, fun times, sports, compliments, movies, splendid surroundings and thrilling vacations! You are dramatic, romantic and you like to be noticed. You especially want recognition for your talents. Acting and teaching come naturally to you.

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You expect top billing. Around , your job improved and recognition for your efforts became obvious by the turn of the millennium. In fact, in , you looked swell! By , lucky Jupiter in your sign boosted your confidence and encouraging you to think big. In the next two years, you downsized so you cold set off on a new path around By , you were ready for fun, romance and vacations! By to , life was a roller coaster with job changes and residential moves.

Nevertheless, was a wonderful year for your professional reputation. In , you had increased responsibilities with family. Fortunately, in , lucky Jupiter was in your sign once again boosting your confidence and attracting opportunities. In the last year, many of you have expanded your home base by either moving to bigger digs or improving where you currently live.

You might have also expanded your family, The lion is protective of his lair. This will be a successful year for your career, job and earnings for two reasons: Saturn and Pluto. When these two planets come together they can move mountains! Of course, Pluto has been in your House of Employment since , and stay there until The bottom line is Pluto will drive you to work harder than you have ever worked before! The downside is it might drive you to work so hard you have a breakdown.

Be careful. BUT — this year, Saturn will join Pluto until they are just three degrees apart. They line up in January This mean both planets will work in tandem in your House of Employment. View Results. Council heard the first details on what the organics program would cost, how it would operate and what impact it might have on extending the life of the Nick Kuhl Lethbridge Herald nkuhl lethbridgeherald. They began broadcasting there recently and then had an official Delon Shurtz lethbridge herald dshurtz lethbridgeherald. Kubik Monday the officer knew during the interview with Rylan James Dale Woodard Lethbridge Herald sports lethbridgeherald.

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